“There are no wasted workouts with Angela.  You will work hard, and improve."

Paul Ricker


“The personal attention to my form and training schedule has me hitting paces I never thought I could”​
Lynne G


"With Angie you get much more than a workout plan placed in your calendar; you get help with technique, one on ones and workouts scheduled specifically around your busy schedule. Plus you get a friend you cares about you as a person, not just the result."

Dan F


"Angie Smith: Exceptional coaching, commitment and caring."

David D


"I am working harder and loving the results.  One of the best differences is that I used to just get my workouts emailed l to me in 4 week blocks and could call if I had any questions.  Comparing the two coaching experiences – with Angie I really feel like I have a coach with the other it was someone who just gave me workouts to do."

Taylor H


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